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Criminal law

Enforcement law

Penitentiary law



Criminal law


Laure de Dainville has working experience in every part of the criminal law procedure, with both victims and defendants. This includes custody, the magistrates’ court, in front of the examining magistrate,  the crown court. You will benefit from her support, whether you are plaintiff or defendant, for accusations related to a person (violence, harassing, voluntary or involuntary homicide, sexual battery, rape, sex trafficking...) or to property (narcotics, theft, fraud, breach of trust…). 



Penitentiary law


She defends her clients both in jail, in front of the disciplinary board, and in front of the judge for the enforcement of sentences when a sentence reduction credit is removed. She also assists her clients in the case of an appeal.



Enforcement law


She can help her clients for sentencing reduction, to withdraw their period of unconditional detention, their exclusion from French territory, their plea against a decision to only grant them part of the sentence reduction credit, as well as any other procedure related to the execution of your sentence.


Barreau-de-Paris-SolidaritE LAURE DE DAI
eacp laure de dainville

She is also a member of the Association for the defense of detainees’ rights (A3D) as well as a lawyer among these associations :


Solidarity Paris bar :

  • solidarity bus duty

  • 365 programm, for women who are victims of violence

  • ADSM program, for people suffering from psychiatric issues


Action team against procuring (EACP)



Laure de Dainville graduated her Masters degree in criminal law from the Sorbonne University, as well as a Masters in Human rights from Nanterre University.

Having graduated with a dual degree in English and law she is fluent in English, and has studied American criminal law at San Francisco State University. 

Throughout her studies, Laure de Dainville has done internships that have sharpen her knowledge of the legal field. 

She has been an intern within different lawfirms : Sébastien Schapira from the lawfirm Schapira et associés, Delphine Boesel, Anaïs Lefort, Joseph Bréham, Laurence Greig and Thomas de Gueltzl from the lawfirm Ancile, Adrien Sorrentino and Aurélie Sourisseau from the lawfirm AS&AS. 

She still works today with Delphine Boesel. 

Laure de Dainville has also had experiences in institutions such as paris lawcourt 8th district, as well as within volunteer work (legal department of Action team against proxenetism, member of the GENEPI movement). 

She also is vice-champion of the French debate coupe 2019. 

As a lawyer at the Paris bar, Laure de Dainville is mainly solicited for her knowledge in criminal law, as well as the enforcement of sentences and penitentiary law.

| Driven by the principle that anyone has the right to a defense, she helps both victims and defendants. This allows her to have a complete approach for each of her clients. 

Laure de Dainville mainly practices in Paris but doesn't hesitate to travel throughout France and abroad for her clients.

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You can call the cabinet or send an email to Laure de Dainville to book an appointment during which you will be able to describe your situation.


It is mandatory to book an appointment before coming to her office.



At the end of the appointment, a fee that is adapted to your situation will be agreed on.



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